The forthcoming Jeep® Avenger


The forthcoming Jeep® Avenger


Purely indicative images. Vehicle not yet available. The commercialization in the European countries is expected approximately at the end of 2022


Get ready for an unprecedented adventure. The new Jeep® Avenger will make its debut in the world of electrification with a unique combination of style and capability.



Adventure is about crossing borders, exploring and finding yourself in a whole new world. The distinctive 18” alloy wheels perfectly match with the muscular shapes of the most compact electric Jeep®, shielded by the 360° body protection. The bold aesthetic reflects the iconic personalityof Jeep®: its signature seven-slot grille, the contrasting black roof that increases its stance and the front and rear full-LED headlights make the Avenger recognisable at first sight



The modern and digital interior of the Jeep® Avenger matches the freedom of your driving experience and its great functionality with a connected experience. You won’t believe how many objects fit in your new SUV: our storage can hold all the contents of a carry-on bag. Everything that was in it, like your smartphone, house keys, water bottle, beauty case and sunglasses will find a place as soon as you get in your car. For everyday life or weekend trips, there’s a smart and organized space for everything. Every journey becomes an adventure to be experienced. Follow the flow of your trips thanks to the warm and cozy seats made in the exclusive yellow and black color scheme, the yellow accents of the dashboard and the multicolored ambient lights, that translate your emotions in colors.








Have a stress-free compelling experience. The first 100% electric Jeep® will combine the performance and excitement of driving in a Jeep® with full electric power. Drive with ease: 3 minutes of charging are enough to guarantee 30 km of range with 100 kW DC fast charging – recharge the average daily consumption in your coffee break. Freedom to choose the best charging solution for you: with the Avenger you will be provided with a full set of charging solutions. When you’re tired of the daily grind, get out of the city and experience no emissions freedom by driving your new SUV



Up to 400 km combined

550 km Urban

*estimated WLTP electric range

30 min

80% at 100 kWh DC Fast charging

156 HP

Electric Power

100 kWh

Battery Charging



When we’re looking for a vehicle, we’re not just choosing the one we like, but also the one that resembles us. The new Jeep® Avenger will stand out for its determination and adventurous spirit in a compact dimension. Its Selec-Terrain® and Hill Descent Control technology will also let you adapt to any weather conditions on the road ahead – rain, snow, slippery floor, the new Jeep® Avenger and its generous ground clearance will let you face even extreme conditions.



The new Jeep® Avenger will make your trips even easier and push  your driving  experience forward. With its combined advanced driver assist devices for a Level 2* autonomous driving system, it will help you maintaining the distance from the vehicle ahead while keeping the center of the lane through an active action on the steering wheel.On board the new Jeep® Avenger you can count on two 10.25‘’ digital panels: a 100% digital TFT and Uconnect™ infotainment system. And more, you will easily connect and recharge your smartphone with your wireless charging pad.


Electric energy consumption Jeep® Avenger full-electric range kWh/100km: 15.9; CO2 emission g/km: 0. Values defined according to the WLTP combined cycle, measured by the manufacturer on pre-approval tests and which may be subject to change following final type approval. The values indicated are for comparative purposes. Important: the actual electric energy consumption values may be strongly different and may vary depending upon the conditions of use and on various factors such as: options, frequency of electric recharge per travelled kilometers, ambient temperature, driving style, speed, total weight, use of certain equipment (air conditioning, heating, radio, navigation, lights etc., tire types and conditions, road conditions, external climatic conditions, etc. Autonomy Jeep® Avenger full-electric range: 392-390 Km.
Values defined according to the WLTP combined cycle, measured by the manufacturer on pre-approval tests and which may be subject to change following final type approval. Important: the actual autonomy may be strongly different and may vary according to: options, conditions of use of the car (driving style, speed, total weight, etc., use of certain equipment air conditioning, heating, etc., tire types, road conditions, external climatic conditions. Further specific and detailed information about electric autonomy of Jeep® Avenger and the various factors influencing such electric autonomy will be provided in this website as soon as the vehicle will be homologated and available for sales.
The pictures are indicative and have illustrative purpose only. Colors and details shown could be not available or could vary, when the vehicle will be available, approximately in the third quarter of 2023, by way of example for technical and/or production and/or commercial reasons. Some pictures could show accessories and/or equipment which are not standard and that, when the vehicle will be available, will be subject to a specific request and additional payment.

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